September 2017 post

9/11/2017 11:17:54 AM

ESC 2017 in Barcelona

The annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology (in Barcelona, from the 26th to the 30th of August) was a unique occasion for updating our knowledge on Acute and Advanced Heart Failure. At “Village 9” the sessions were focused on Heart Failure, with insights on Pathophysiology and mechanisms, Epidemiology, prognosis and outcome, ventricular function & hemodynamics, Drug treatment, etc. Also in some of the very popular “Hubs” the sessions were often touching intriguing themes such “Can we teach heart failure drugs new tricks?”. Several Pharmaceutical Industries had organized either satellite symposia or series tutorials to complement the general program, and the daily agendas of the attendees went easily overbooked. In the field of Advanced Heart Failure, a series of hands-on tutorials was organized by Orion Pharma on the use of inodilators. The three days program included lectures by 14 European speakers (from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Austria, Finland, and Russia) on the use of inodilators for correcting hemodynamic dysfunction and ameliorating symptoms in patients with advanced heart failure. Their main conclusion was that the calcium sensitizer and potassium channel opener drug family can be considered as a safe solution to achieve inodilation. 

Also the poster session was rich and stimulating. To be noticed, the first report of the RELEVANT-HF clinical trial on repetitive levosimendan in advanced refractory heart failure was presented by the Italian group of Prof. Fabrizio Oliva.  They concluded that, in patients with ARHF, scheduled repeated LEVO infusions resulted in a decrease in hospital admissions for worsening HF, expressed as proportion of days spent in hospital in the 6 months after with respect to the 6 months before start of planned treatment.

Finally, the Investigator Meeting of the LEODOR study (Repetitive Levosimendan infusions for patients with advanced chronic heart failure) was also held in Barcelona in occasion of the ESC congress. The study just started and over 30 centers are currently enrolling.