May 2019 post

5/14/2019 7:39:59 AM

The HEART FAILURE meeting in Athens is approaching. On the web pages of the ESC it is already possible to have a glance over the final program of the congress.

Organised by the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology, the Heart Failure Congress is a unique forum where cardiologists, interventional heart failure  specialists, cardiac surgeons, internists, practicing general physicians, basic scientists,  epidemiologists, cardiac nurses, industry affiliates and others have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and information.

The HFA congress is an international event open to healthcare professionals interested in any aspect of heart failure from epidemiology, through basic and translational science to prevention (reviewing the treatment of hypertension and post-infarction care), diagnosis (including novel imaging modalities and biomarkers), monitoring (together with remote monitoring), prognostication (risk stratification as well as use of biomarkers), medical and nursing management (including drugs, devices, tele-care and surgery).

I will be there presenting a rapid fire abstract on “repetitive levosimendan infusion” on Monday at 09:40 on the AGORA 2 stage: see you there!

Included in the program, some tutorials on how to use medications and devices are also accessible to the participants. As an example Orion Pharma will organize a series of 12 lectures on the use of inotropes for correcting hemodynamic dysfunction in patients with congestive heart failure. Over many decades, negative or insufficient data has been collected on the effects of cardiac glycosides, cathecolamines, and phosphodiesthrase inhibitors on quality of life and survival. More recently, the calcium sensitizer and potassium channel opener levosimendan have been proposed as a safer inodilator. The tutorials lectures in Athens will focus on how to use safely and effectively levosimendan in acute and advanced heart failure.