March 2018 post

3/14/2018 9:46:42 AM

I am pleased to announce that there have been notable advances in the LEODOR trial (Repetitive Levosimendan infusions for patients with advanced chronic heart failure), a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicenter study sponsored by the University of Innsbruck and supported by a grant of Orion Pharma.


The recent achievements include:

- Recruitment of the first patient of a planned 276 cases hospitalized for decompensated heart failure requiring i.v. diuretics, or i.v. vasodilators, or i.v. inotropic therapy, or some combination of these interventions.
- Submission of a formal synopsis of the study protocol to Eur. J. Heart Failure for peer review and publication.


On the administration and communication side, LEODOR is now represented on the internet by its own website (http://leodortrial.com/) which proves a wealth of information for everyone with an interest in the conduct and progress of the study and regular updates on recruitment. The “For Patients” page addresses key questions such as:

- What is the purpose of this study?
- Which patients will be chosen to take part?
- What does taking part in this study involve?

While the “For Investigators” page summarizes the aims, design and eligibility criteria for LEODOR and provides additional technical and professional information on subjects including Trial Synopsis, Site Evaluation and Patient Consent through a suite of downloadable PDFs (via http://leodortrial.com/#investigators). The site also offers visitors a photo galley of the 14 principal investigators and a range of opportunities to contact the LEODOR team, which in the fullness of time will include tweets posting significant milestones in the progress of the trial. Go Team LEODOR!