January 2019 post

1/10/2019 11:42:48 AM

Supplement to the European Heart Journal

The new year is up and running and I take this opportunity to wish all visitors and subscribers to www.simdax.com good health and fulfillment in 2019.

My first blog post of the year is an invitation to you all to take a look at a supplement to the European Heart Journal that hit the bookshelves right at the end of 2018. I must declare an interest in the matter as I was the Supplement Editor but, even allowing for the natural pride in ownership that position evokes, I think this is a commendable addition to the literature on acute and advanced heart failure and will reward readers’ attention.

The bone and muscle of the essays this Supplement was provided by my 16 distinguished fellow physicians from across Europe. Space prevents me name-checking them all here and to be selective would intolerable but their credentials as commentators on these matters are undisputed and their thoughts on these subjects merit our attention.

I’m going to pick out two thoughts of my own, from my Editorial, to try and convey the enquiring tone of these essays and to encourage you to give the full Supplement some of your time.

“Patients [with Advanced Heart Failure] are vulnerable to repeated cycles of decompensation and hospitalization. Such episodes are debilitating for the patient and expensive for the health system. If we can intervene to restore equilibrium to patients in the vital time between the start of a phase of deterioration and the eventual hospitalization we could contribute significantly to their health-related quality of life and spare them the disappointment of yet another unscheduled hospital admission.”

“There is certainly enough evidence to identify levosimendan as one valuable element in an overall strategy of care directed towards maintaining patients in a condition of out-of-hospital stability.”



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